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Smoke on the Water

December 30, 2014 Photo Journal

A cold, foggy October morning on the Ohio River. I went down hoping for a picture of the fog separating from the water, but found this barge reflecting on the river. Believe it or not, when I got the riverbank there was so much fog that I didn’t even know the barge was there! When the fog started lifting I was shocked. While in the images it seems that there is some distance between the barge and myself, in reality is was rock throwing distance. The barge itself is huge, and when you realize that you were oblivious to something that large looming right in front of you it is a bit unsettling. Once the fog lifted a bit I was able to get some shots. A few months later, the bottom photo here (the close up) won Capture of the Day on the Capture Cincinnati photography site, and is still one my personal favorite photos.


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